Based in Los Angeles, with editors and project managers on the ground in Chicago, London, and New York City, Hat & Beard Press is a print collective, a publishing think tank, and a small press dedicated to all things tactile.

H&B Press creates original, illustrated nonfiction books of pop-cultural and historical significance, drawing on existing cult audiences. We also produce artist monographs as well as redesigned reissues of classic visual culture titles worth a second look.

Combining modern, targeted marketing efforts, old-fashioned craftsmanship, and disciplined publishing practices, H&B produces physical books and magazines (with digital bells and whistles where necessary) for readers and collectors. H&B aims to be the ultimate boutique publication house for the nonfiction illustrated art-book market. In a shrinking marketplace for shelf space, and with the media screaming for attention and eyeballs, H&B adheres to Mies van der Rohe’s simple dictum that “less is more.”

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